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#MOX CL 1000 TABLET - Your Trusted Defense Against Infections!

Welcome to BioceuticsInc's world of superior healthcare solutions! Introducing MOX CL 1000 TABLET, our exceptional general pharma product that boasts an impressive high cure rate of 99% in Tonsillopharyngitis, effectively treats respiratory tract infections and urinary tract infections, cures skin and soft tissue infections, and provides reliable prevention against Otitis Media and Tonsillitis. Experience stability even in the presence of gastric acid, ensuring dependable protection for your well-being.

Discover the Benefits of #MOXCL1000TABLET:
💊 High Cure Rate of 99% in Tonsillopharyngitis - Elevate Your Health
🌬️ Treats Respiratory Tract Infections - Breathe with Confidence
🚰 Cures Urinary Tract Infections - Embrace Comfort & Wellness
🌡️ Heals Skin & Soft Tissue Infections - Nourish Your Skin Health
👂 Prevents Otitis Media & Tonsillitis - Guard Your Ear & Throat Health
🛡️ Stable in the Presence of Gastric Acid - Dependable Defense


MOX CL 1000 TABLET stands as a robust shield against various infections, ensuring high cure rates for Tonsillopharyngitis and effective treatment for respiratory and urinary tract infections. It is specifically formulated to cure skin and soft tissue infections while providing reliable prevention against Otitis Media and Tonsillitis. Its stability in the presence of gastric acid ensures unwavering protection when you need it the most.

Why Choose #MOXCL1000TABLET?
✅ Expert General Pharma Support - Elevating Your Wellness
✅ Trusted Infection Defense Solution - Empowering Your Health
✅ Your Path to Dependable Protection - Embrace Peace of Mind


Experience the power of MOX CL 1000 TABLET and safeguard your health with BioceuticsInc's premium general pharma product.

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MOX-CL 1000

  • Amoxycillin Trihydrate Equivalent to Amoxycillin 875mg & Potassium Clavulanate Dilueted Equivalent to Clavulanic acid 125mg Tablets

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